White Rabbit Symbolic Meaning

As we approach Easter week-end I thought it might be interesting to explore the symbolism of the rabbit.

According to Shaman Quornesha S. Lemon if “the white rabbit appears in your dreams, waking life, synchronicity, or other it means that you will experience very positive events that feel like an empowering turning point in regards to your luck or chance. You will experience blessings of many kinds.

The white rabbit appears as a sign that life will be all the more beautiful from here. It is also an interpretation that you will begin chapters anew in your life. If you are closing a door this is confirmation that you need to make these changes. The animal kingdom reminds you at this time that however you see yourself…the world will follow your lead. Know that you are safe and protected and loved deeply beyond measure.

The White rabbit represents the hollow. And hollow defines emptiness and the opportunity to be filled. If you are furthering your own spirituality at this time, you will have the support. If you are delving into the unknown through fear with inner courage you are being commended. Do not fear the changes you are making dear one. The rabbit reminds you to step forward through your fears, as you will begin to experience the mystical, metaphysical and supernatural aspects even more, now or in the coming times.”

I was interested in this today as I was reading Old Factory’s story of Parousia in which the White Rabbit is the first chapter of the story and illustrates following the voice within to destiny. Old Factory says that


“The White Rabbit is Parousia’s power animal. A swift pure messenger who seems to have always been there guiding us forward into the Great Unknown. A modern day archetype. A cross between Neo’s,  Carrolls, Dr. Gonzo’s and the white rabbit of Chinese mythology (did you know that ancient Chinese describes a white rabbit who mixes the elixir of immortality for the gods on the moon? This is what they saw instead of a “Man in the Moon”.)”

Aside from the esoterism of Old Factory’s white rabbit references, I like the symbolism as it involves finding courage through your inner fear and moving forward. This is likely the reason it became a symbol for Easter.

Where Did the Name Easter Come From?

Ostara (1884) by Johannes Gehrts. Image: Public Domain.

Historic Mysteries says that the Saxon mother goddess, Eostre is known to bring new life and the dawn goddess Ostara represented fertility and rebirth.  Is is likely that the name Easter evolved from a combination of these pagan goddesses and was eventually applied to the Christian traditions.

The message of the white rabbit applies to me personally in my new venture, but I would guess it also applies to many of you in different turning points of your lives.  Whether it be a new job, a new baby or family, or just trying something extraordinary for yourself. Expanding your world with new experiences, new connections, and new rituals can be exhilerating and scary but also fulfilling and rewarding.

I would recommend to everyone to find something that speaks to you and make it happen.

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Source: Pagan Easter: Where Did the Modern Tradition Really Originate? | Historic Mysteries

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