Use Technology to Shop Compassionately

It can be frustrating and difficult to make choices while you are in the store.  You can arm yourself with your cell phone to ensure the products you are considering buying are not contributing to cruel animal testing.  Below are a few phone apps that are worthy of consideration.

Cruelty Cutter

Source: Cruelty Cutter – Rescue + Freedom Project

The app is supposed to allow you to scan a product and it will return if the product is cruelty-free or not.  Once you have your result, if it is not cruelty-free you then have a choice to share your findings via Facebook or Twitter and announce that you chose not to purchase the product.  Unfortunately, I have tested the Cruelty Cutter app on my albeit outdated Android Edge 6 but it appears to have issues connecting to Facebook.  I have contacted the company for resolution.

The Leaping Bunny Program is the gold standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household products companies and signifies no animal testing at any stage of product development.

This app does not offer the very handy scanner option, but you can still look up the company of the product to verify if they are cruelty-free.

Check if a company is cruelty-free! Bunny Free lets you search for companies by name and tells you whether or not they test on animals.

Source: Bunny Free App | PETA

Bunny Free works pretty similar to Leaping Bunny and it does have a share button for social media. Unfortunately, the Share button appears to only share the application, not information about the product though you could enter the information manually.

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