I Owe My Rosacea-Free Face to a Goat Named Admiral Frodo

By Jacqueline Neber https://nymag.com/strategist/article/serenity-acres-farm-goats-milk-soap.html Jacqueline Never of the Strategist wrote that her Rosacea was calmed by using Unscented Goat’s Milk Soap by Serenity Acres Farm. While rosacea is a complicated disorder with no clear cause, I believe there is merit to her story. In addition to laying off spicy foods, …

The Wonder that is Tamanu Oil!

Tamanu oil has been used for many generations to correct hair and skin issues. The oil itself is a natural moisturizer and is said to boost the immune system, offer sun protection, soothe skin irritations from wounds and bug bites, promote cell regeneration, and has anti-inflammatory qualities as well as antibacterial properties.

Sun Protection 101- What you need to know about the ingredients in your Sun Protection Product

There are three kinds of UV (ultraviolet) light that comes from the sun. UVA has longer wavelengths and penetrates further into the dermis which is why it can cause DNA damage. UVB has shorter wavelengths and is responsible for sunburns. UVC has an even shorter wavelength, but is absorbed by our ozone layer so is not a cause for concern.

New York City’s newly passed Green New Deal, explained | Grist

“This package of bills will be the single largest carbon reduction effort in any city, anywhere, not just New York City, that has been put forward,” said Committee for Environmental Protection Chair Costa Constantinides in a committee hearing the morning of the vote.

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